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[image]3mlia alzagt
3mliat alzagt thm tashfir
Keywords: encryption
Downloads: 23
[audio]Sunshine Əиɔячpʇion REmix Ookay
Keywords: encryption
Downloads: 8
[image]tashfir almalfat
tashfir almalfat
Keywords: encryption
Downloads: 25
[image]takid istibdal almalf
takid istibdal almalf
Keywords: encryption
Downloads: 42
[texts]crashsystems new key signed statements - crashsystems.net
On 15 March 2009 crashsystems (http://crashsystems.net) created new GnuPG encryption keys. These files contain statements about his old keys and new keys, the first of which is signed by the old key, the second of which is signed by the new key.
Keywords: encryption
Downloads: 134
[texts]crashsystems signed statements regarding the creation of new keys - crashsystems.net
On 15 March 2009 crashsystems created new encryption keys. These files contain identifying info about the old keys and the new keys, signed by both.
Keywords: encryption
Downloads: 147
[audio]IUMA: Digital Encryption
Digital Encryption was formed in early 1999 by sole member Neiva Neivlo. Created primarily as a project of personal expression, the project has evolved in the last year to focus on heavy trance rhythms and dance beats. While the focus has shifted from one of abstract expressionism to one of a more dance floor friendly style, much of the original creativity remains intact. Each song written by Neiva manages to retain it's own individual style and sense of rhythm...
Keywords: Digital Encryption
Downloads: 5
[audio]hpr1462 :: Encryption and Email with Thunderbird - Ahuka
Summary: Series: Privacy and SecuritySource: http://hackerpublicradio.org/eps.php?id=1462 Now it is time to take a look at practical uses of encryption, and the number one use is for e-mail. Encrypted communication via e-mail is very desirable if you want to keep a secret. In the U.S. the current legal precedents say that any e-mail left on a server is not protected since you would have no expectation of privacy...
Keywords: encryption; email
Downloads: 11
[audio]hpr1481 :: Encryption and Gmail - Ahuka
Summary: This looks at how you can use encryption to sign email and to privately secure it in Gmail.Series: Privacy and SecuritySource: http://hackerpublicradio.org/eps.php?id=1481 Last time we looked at how you can use GPG and Enigmail to digitally sign or encrypt messages in Thunderbird. But today many people use web-based mail, and one of the most popular is Googles Gmail. Others include Outlook.com and Yahoo, but using any of them is pretty similar...
Keywords: encryption; email
Downloads: 7
[texts]PDF Encryption
PDF Encryption
Keywords: PDF Encryption
Downloads: 13
[texts]WinZIP Encryption
WinZip free download. WinZip is a compression utility for Windows and a powerful and easy-to-use tool that zips and unzips f. WinZip is the world's leading Zip utility for file compression, encryption, sharing, and data backup. File encryption is easy with WinZip. Just click 'Encrypt' to password protect your files with strong AES encrption as you zip them. Download WinZip Courier 4.5 for Windows, WinZip Courier is a compression and encryption software designed to help users zip and email files ...
Keywords: WinZIP Encryption
Downloads: 58
[texts]A Stick Figure Guide to the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) - Jeff Moser
A stick figure play in 4 acts describing the history and inner workings of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). It goes along with a blog post at http://www.moserware.com/2009/09/stick-figure-guide-to-advanced.html
Keywords: aes; advanced encryption standard; encryption; crypto; cryptography
Downloads: 189
[texts]pidgen encryption learn - pidgen encryption learn
pidgen encryption learn
Keywords: pidgen encryption learn
Downloads: 25
[texts]pidgen encryption learn - pidgen encryption learn
pidgen encryption learn
Keywords: pidgen encryption learn
Downloads: 73
[movies]Cryptic Burgess Dub - Steven Ball
Dubstep meets experimental video meets cryptology.
Keywords: encryption; dubstep; experimental; video
Downloads: 319
[texts]UncoverGame - tom wildzeiss
This is a board game in German language. It deals with easy encryption. As the game is still under development please visit the website for further information or file download. The files presented in this folder represent the preview of an early beta version.
Keywords: uncover encryption board game
Downloads: 21
[texts]Uncover Game - tom wildzeiss
This is a board game about easy encryption in German. The files in this folder represent a preview in beta status. Please visit the project website to get more information or newer versions. The project will be accessible by September 2007, likely.
Keywords: uncover encryption board game
Downloads: 189
[movies]Fire ID Mobile Authentication Solution - encryptstick
Now avail highly effective USB password protection software from EncryptStick at most genuine price and secure your login credentials for the websites you visit. Also you can login automatically in case you forget your password using its backup facility and lost file recovery feature.
Keywords: data encryption software
Downloads: 7
In daily life network is an important issue and now a day’s network is a part of our life. We use networkingsystem for all types of work. We store our personal information, data in the network. But this network system is increasingday by day and it is difficult to manage this networking system. For that there is introduced Intrusion Detection System.It is a system by which we detect Intrusion. It detects any malicious behavior, vulnerabilities of the system...
Keywords: Multiagent; Multilevel; Encryption; Decryption
Downloads: 3
[audio]hpr1440 :: Creating a Key Pair - GUI Client - Ahuka
Summary: Using a GUI client (KGpg) to generate an RSA key pair.Duration: 00:16:06Source: http://hackerpublicradio.org/eps.php?id=1440In the previous program we explained how to use the command line tools to generate encryption keys. This time we look at the GUI clients that some people may prefer. Using KGpg as an example, we can see that it does all the things we did last time on the command line.
Keywords: Security; encryption; keys; GUI
Downloads: 8
[texts]Mcafee Endpoint Encryption
Fanhow found 20 articles about 'mcafee endpoint encryption slow windows 7' on tutorials, qa and software. To uninstall McAfee Endpoint Encryption from your Windows XP operating system, perform the following steps Run the Start menu, and then go to Control Panel. Previously known as SafeBoot Device Encryption, the improved version of McAfees full disk encryption is ready to protect your data stored on the PC or...
Keywords: Mcafee Endpoint Encryption
Downloads: 18
[movies]Cyber Privacy
How do you maintain your privacy and still play in the online world? This program offers some suggestions including LPWA, the Lucent Personal Web Assistant, PGP5.5 Personal Privacy encryption software, the Anonymizer, and Firefly Networks Passport software. Also features a visit with a private investigator who deals with cyber privacy issues and a look at how eBay tries to avoid online scams. Originally broadcast in 1998.
Keywords: identity theft; fraud; encryption
Downloads: 2,186
[movies]Encrypting and Decrypting files with Encryptstick
EncryptStick's Private Web Browser leaves no footprint, encrypting and storing all your browsing history and bookmarks on your USB stick.Encryptstick’seffective internet privacy software to circumvent the devious act of online information theft  and  hide your  valuable informations from internet hackers  just  installing this.For more click 
Keywords: drive encryption software
Downloads: 33
[audio]hpr1640 :: Symmetric vs. Asymmetric Encryption - Ahuka
Summary: This episode looks the two kinds of encryption keys, and why to use each one.Series: Privacy and SecuritySource: http://hackerpublicradio.org/eps.php?id=1640 Previously we looked at Public Key encryption, which is also called Asymmetric Encryption because it uses two different keys for the encryption and decryption. This allows us to solve one of the biggest problems in secure encrypted communication, which is key distribution...
Keywords: symmetric; asymmetric; encryption
Downloads: 19
[movies]ST 4U 342: Using XTea Encryption in VA - James Robertson
XTEA is a simple encryption scheme, and there's a small goodie for VA that makes using it easy. If your needs for encryption are lightweight, it might be just what you are looking for
Keywords: smalltalk; encryption; va smalltalk
Downloads: 266
[movies]Cyber Security
With more and more computers becoming terminals on the internet, concerns were growing for internet security. This program looks at several solutions. Included are demonstrations of Wells Fargo Online Banking, Cookie Master, anonymizer.com, a fax encryptor from InfoImaging called 3D FaxFile 2.0, a new biometric device from Oracle called HandKey, and CompuTrace, a device that calls you if your computer is stolen...
Keywords: security; encryption; cookies
Downloads: 3,025
[movies]Politics on the Web
The early internet became an instant hit with political organizations and movements that had previously felt shut out of the mainstream press. This program looks at several examples of how the web was being used for political advocacy. Maureen Mason shows us the Institute for Global Communications web site which includes links to PeaceNet, EcoNet, ConflictNet, LaborNet, and WomensNet. Eric Hughes, founder of Cypherpunks, a group working to preserve privacy on the net through encryption, explains...
Keywords: IGC; cypherpunks; encryption; anarchists
Downloads: 94,480
[texts]Practical Paranoid's Book of Computer Security - Homer Otto Goodall, Jr
This book was written by me. I am currently adding more to it and I will present it to the public as it is being written.
Keywords: Antivirus; Encryption; Computer security
Downloads: 253
[movies]Network Security
As local area networks grew, so did concerns for network security. This program looks at some early solutions. Demonstrations include FileGuard 2.5 for the Mac, MaccessCard, PhoneNET Liaison 3.0, SiteLock, SecurID, and MailSafe. Guests include security expert and author Cliff Stoll. Originally broadcast in 1991.
Keywords: virus; hacker; LAN; encryption
Downloads: 4,116 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Status report on the first round of the development of the advanced encryption standard (Volume 104) - Nechvatal, James
Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Keywords: encryption; Advanced Encryption Standard (AES); cryptanalysis; cryptographic algorithms
Downloads: 77
[texts]Practical Paranoid's Bookof Encryption
This is another book that I had written when the NSA activities had come to light. A friend of mine told me that the Government had been building something big near Salt Lake City. This will help a person to hide their stuff from prying eyes.
Keywords: Encryption; encryption layering; Homer O. Goodall; Personal views
Downloads: 6
[texts]Image Encryption Using Advanced Hill Cipher Algorithm
The Hill cipher algorithm is one of the symmetric  key algorithms that have several advantages in data encryption. But, the inverse of the key matrix used for encrypting the plaintext does not always exist. Then if the key matrix is not invertible, then encrypted text cannot be decrypted. In the Involutory matrix generation method the key matrix used for the encryption is itself invertible. So, at  the time of decryption we need not to find the inverse of the key matrix...
Keywords: Encryption; Decryption; Hill Cipher; Image Encryption; Advanced Hill Cipher
Downloads: 423
[texts]Performance Evaluation of Classifiers used for Identification of Encryption Algorithms
Evaluating classifier performance is a criticalproblem in pattern recognition and machine learning. In thispaper pattern recognition techniques were applied to identifyencryption algorithms. Four different block cipher algorithmswere considered, DES, IDEA, AES, and RC2 operating in(Electronic Codebook) ECB mode. Eight different classificationtechniques were used for this purpose, these are: NaïveBayesian (NB), Support Vector Machine (SVM), neuralnetwork (MLP), Instance based learning (IBL), Bag...
Keywords: Pattern Recognition; Classifiers; Encryption; Cryptanalysis
Downloads: 36
[texts]Simple email encryption with FireGPG, Version 1.0 - Douglass Clem
Though the technology was once closely guarded by the United States government as a form of export controlled munitions, encryption is now freely available to the masses. However, much of the technology is not easily understandable _by_ the masses. With this in mind, "Simple email encryption with FireGPG" is written as a cross platform guide for email encryption, with a target audience of ordinary, non-technical Internet users.
Keywords: computers; security; encryption; gnupg; guide
Downloads: 345
[texts]Efficiency of Entropy Coding as well as Dictionary based Technique for Lossless Data Compression - IJRDT
Communication is exchange of information between the devices, which very important in today's life. Communication is wide utilized in all fields, such as telephone, television, weather forecasting and etc. There are different kinds of communication techniques. All the data which have to be transmitted has to be compressed in order to send more and more data. Communication is one of the main processes in many domains, but to send the information, the data has to be compressed, so that more and mo...
Keywords: Entropy; Huffman coding; Encryption; Decryption
Downloads: 9
[movies]Super Mondays - HTML prototyping, Web standards and Encryption videos
Recorded at Super Mondays, November 2013.
Keywords: SuperMondays; Web Standards; Encryption; Prototyping
Downloads: 11
[texts]17. Applied Towards SECURING DATA IN CLOUD Shorunke Muyiwa Musaddiq - SHORUNKE MUYIWA MUSADDIQ
Clouds are rapidly becoming a platform of choice for hosting increasingly complex application software and services. Among the attractive features they offer are elasticity and pay-as-you-go model, which allow businesses to gain access to vast computing resources with minimum upfront investment, and operational costs. Although a great deal of progress has so far been made with respect to the low-level technological underpinning of the clouds, today’s clouds are still considered to be insuffici...
Keywords: Cloud; Data; Cryptography; Encryption; Security
Downloads: 10
[audio]Encryption project - oceans in space
oceans in space, relative encryption
Keywords: oceans in space; relative encryption
Downloads: 37 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Ep23 - How To Build Your Own Free Cloud Backup Solution - Tech Chop
http://www.techchop.com - In this episode Paul shows us how you can get together with a friend or family member to create a free cloud backup solution using CrashPlan. It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux! CrashPlan: http://crashplan.com NAS: http://ninjurl.us/92zint Support the show! Do your Amazon shopping at http://amazon.techchop.com
Keywords: free; cloud; backup; encryption; crashplan
Downloads: 403
[texts]Advanced Folder Encryption 6.33
Mar 20, 2010 Information Security Services, News, Files, Tools, Exploits, Advisories and Whitepapers. Sep 21, 2013 Advanced System Optimizer 3.5.1000.15559 With Patch Free Download. Advanced System Optimizer is a system tweaking suite that includes. Clash Of Clans Hacks No Survey No Password. Aug 10, 14 ilafilbu. General Discussion. Enkripsi Folder Advanced adalah software untuk membuat password pada folder di window anda, kunci folder, dan Encryption folder...
Keywords: Advanced Folder Encryption 6.33
[audio]TuxJam Episode 24 - Kevie
In Tuxjam episode 24, Andrew returns to join Kevie in discussing security-related FOSS software, including Tor & Torchat, Enigmail and EncFS. Andrew talks about his new toy – the ZTE Open Firefox OS phone - and Kevie does a commendable job of avoiding the green-eyed monster since his Geeksphone will be further delayed. Thanks to @theru for alerting us to this mention of TuxJam on linuxlinks.com. Creative commons tracks played in this episode: Clarice by onsind Airplane Mode by Josh Woodward Bi...
Keywords: linux; security; encryption; tor; ccmusic
Downloads: 91
[texts]Processed World (Volume 16) - Processed World Collective

Keywords: Space, Encryption,Library, South Africa
Downloads: 383
[texts]Code Original: Efficient & Innovative Encryption - Joseph D. Smith
Encrypt your messages in the most efficient, yet innovative manner, because the new Code Original uses cellphone numbers to create encoded messages!
Keywords: Encryption; encoded; messages; secret; cellphone
Downloads: 27
[software]P-Encryption Suite - http://www.cadabrasoftware.com/
This encryption program stores your private documents in a single encrypted file. It can create both stealth and normal archives. Stealth archives are PES files disguised as a different file. Archives are password-protected, and the program can encrypt e-mail and your address book. An anti-keylogger is also included.
Keywords: P-Encryption Suite; System and utilities; File tools; File encryption; P-Encryption Suite
Downloads: 75
[software]Super File Encryption - http://www.fileencryption.org
This is a program for encrypting and protecting your data. Using the context menu you can encrypt or decrypt files and folders by right-clicking on them in Explorer and selecting the encrypt or decrypt command. The software also enables you to have secure e-mail communication over the Internet, preventing unauthorized persons from reading attached files.
Keywords: Super File Encryption; System and utilities; File tools; File encryption; Super File Encryption
Downloads: 141
[software]TurboCrypt AES Dis Encryption - http://www.pmc-ciphers.com
This program provides transparent disk encryption. When a virtual encrypted volume is unlocked, it is recognized by your computer as a separate drive letter. Enter your password once to unlock the drive, and then access and use all encrypted files stored therein.
Keywords: TurboCrypt AES Dis Encryption; System and utilities; File tools; File encryption; TurboCrypt AES Dis Encryption
Downloads: 42
[software]Solid Encryption - http://www.solid-programs.com/
This program offers OTP encryption. You can encrypt to and from files, or directly to the clipboard. Paste cipher-text directly into text documents. You can generate random keys with a radio and a sound card.
Keywords: Solid Encryption; System and utilities; File tools; File encryption; Solid Encryption
Downloads: 43
[software]Vigilant File Encryption Software - http://www.softmode.com
This allows you to encrypt, sign or shred files, e-mail, documents, folders and Hippa data. It also creates free X.509 certificates. Drag-and-drop, escrow and multiple recipient functions are supported. You can encrypt any kind of file or folder. Encrypted files appear with a lock on the icon. You can double-click to decrypt and open, and close to automatically re-encrypt. The program also supports Aladdin and Rainbow tokens.
Keywords: Vigilant File Encryption Software; System and utilities; File tools; File encryption; Vigilant File Encryption Software
Downloads: 81
[software]Advanced Encryption Package 2004 Professional - http://www.secureaction.com/encryption_pro/
This program allows you to create encrypted files and self-decrypting files. It includes a file shredder and integrates into Windows Explorer context menus. It uses military grade encryption in 17 industrial algorithms. It supports skins and ZIP files.
Keywords: Advanced Encryption Package 2004 Professional; System and utilities; File tools; File encryption; Advanced Encryption Package 2003 Professional
Downloads: 122
[software]Deltacrypt OneClick Encryption Software - http://www.deltacrypt.com
This is a file encryption program with RSA protected keys. It allows the user to encrypt and decrypt in one click, and a digital signature is appended on encrypted information and on public keys. You can encrypt any file format without volume restrictions. The delete option substitutes the content of the original source files with space characters before wiping the files out. The DeltaCrypt OneClick File Encryption software comes in a self-executable file and is menu-driven.
Keywords: Deltacrypt OneClick Encryption Software; System and utilities; File tools; File encryption; Deltacrypt Public Key File Encryption Software
Downloads: 113
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